Friday, November 18, 2011

Rock 'N Roll Sushi

When you take this...

and mix it all together, you get this....

Thanks to my local Whole Foods, I can now make my own Gluten Free Sushi. They offer a cooking class (called Rock 'N Roll Sushi) and make a point of making it gluten free. It was really nice to take a skill that I learned , bring it home and put it use. The picture above has 2 varieties... mango or snow pea, crab, cream cheese, and sriracha sauce (sriracha & mayo). I also made some for my husband that had red pepper, cucumber, crab, and sriracha sauce. The beauty of sushi is the sky's the limit - in the class she offered sweet potato, watermelon radish, pineapple, mandarins... you get the idea.

Oh, and had I not forgotten to take a picture, I could bestow upon you the blackened tilapia I made last night for fish tacos. Boo!

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