Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vacation Recovery

I have to say the worst thing about coming back from vacation is the recovery - when we visit somewhere (whether we visit family or a destination) we always indulge and come back with that bloated, sluggish, overhungry feeling. I feel like the following week is spent detoxing and getting back on track with your normal eating habits, because I never seem to get enough, if any, fruits and veggies on vacation, never enough water, I eat way too many calories, you get the idea.

Part of this comes from wanting to eat your favorites that you can't get year round, part of it is that "vacation" mentality, and part of it is lack of availability because you aren't in your own home where you have your fridge, your grocery stores,  and your normal schedule.

How do you keep from sliding back 4 steps when you have only taken 2 forward? Where do you find the willpower to skip your favorites you haven't had in nearly a year? How do you get the access to the healthier snacks? And HOW do you turn off the hungry button???

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