Sunday, December 4, 2011

Menu Plan!

Welcome to the new week folks - I haven't mentioned it here before but my husband and I generally try to plan at least our dinners out for the upcoming week on Sundays. I will try to start posting that information here weekly as it will help me stay accountable to the plan. I know most bloggers don't provide the detail I am, but this helps me stay on track.

Dinners - the easy part!
Sunday - Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Bake, Courteous of my new addiction to Pinterest
Monday - Blackened Tilapia for Fish Tacos, Take 2. I'm improving the cooking method from Take 1
Tuesday - Something with Pork Chops... &  Lundberg Risotto
Wednesday - Southwest Chicken Chili - this is my favorite soup from Zelino's and I want to try to make it at home
Friday - Crab Cakes (recipe from Eat This, Not That)

Bakery on Mail Oatmeal with Boiled Egg 2 days, Hashbrowns with Boiled Egg 3 days. Am trying to ease the system into eating oatmeal more often.

Leftovers for chicken bake, chili, & pork chops days. Will eat out 1 day for a treat, should bring a panini the 5th day (want to break the sandwich for lunch barrier)

2 servings fruit - I'm thinking grapes & pears this week
2 proteins - nuts, cheese sticks?, may pick up some Light Muscle Milk for the afternoon
Homemade Chex Mix for salty craving attacks. Will portion into baggies to limit mindless eating

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