Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sauted Veggies alla Amanda

It is Wednesday, and we have managed to have 2 out of 3 dinners at home. Sunday we tried the Blackened Fish Tacos again, they turned out much better. I used lower heat and cooked each side around 3 minutes and they were delish. I think I used a little too much oil though, because I could see the oil on the fish, which is why I don't have a picture. I also tweaked the seasoning again and will post that recipe when I have a good pic.

Monday I picked up sandwiches from my favorite deli - Crumb. They carry Rudi's GF bread, and keep a gluten free toaster, knife & cutting board for prepping GF sandwiches. Every time I have been there they change their gloves to make a GF sandwich, and are extremely careful to prevent cross contamination, even down to going down in the stack of sandwich wrapping to make sure there are no crumbs. As a "bonus" to their Gluten Free ways, they have a pretty unique menu that gives you options beyond your basic deli selections.

Tuesday I made Sauteed Veggies alla Amanda and BBQ Pork Chops. I marinated the pork chops in Kraft Original BBQ sauce, which my husband then grilled. For the veggies, I heated a some butter and olive oil (I did a mix so you got some butter flavor but not all those calories and bad fat) and a large skillet. I threw 5 small potatoes into the microwave to cook while I chopped up 1 large yellow onion and 4 very large mushrooms. The onions and mushrooms went into the skillet to start cooking, along with a sprinkle of sea salt. After a couple minutes of cooking, I sprinkled the veggies with a some red wine vinegar (1/2 tsp?). I keep stirring the veggies periodically, and after another couple of minutes I throw in another 1/2 tsp of vinegar. By now the potatoes are done (my potatoes took 10 min on one side and 5 on the other, but we have an old micro), so I cut those into 6 pieces each and throw them into the skillet with another good sized sprinkle of vinegar (1tsp?) and let saute until the potatoes start to brown. Enjoy!

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