Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goals for 2012

Before I recap December 2011, I would like to put down in writing my goals or resolutions for 2012.

 - Write on the blog at least twice a week
 - Exercise/take yoga class at least twice a week
 - Take my lunch to work at least three times a week
 - Cook dinner at home 5 nights a week

If I accomplish the above I will be super thrilled. Below is what I want to add - some of them inspired by other bloggers' list I have read and made me realize how narrow a view I usually take of my goals.

 - maintain a clean living space
 - floss daily
 - wear perfume daily
 - go to bed on time
 - try 3 new recipes a week (weed out the collection!)

I will keep the "bonus" goals in mind as I work towards my main goals. I think they will work hand and hand and I can use them to reach each other. Good luck to all you with your goals!

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