Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goals Update

Last Week's Goals Update - both of us were sick so this didn't go so hot
Dinners at home -4/7
     Fried Rice, Chili, BLTs, Parm Ranch Chicken  - had to go on Tuesday, was invited out on Friday & Saturday
Exercise - 1 workout done
Lunches taken to Work -1

Current Week Progress
Dinners at home - 2/3
     Leftovers, Skillet lasagna
     ideas for the rest of the week: blackened fish tacos, chicken fajitas, grilled something with "crashed" potatoes
Exercise - 1 down, 2 togo
    Monday done, Wed & Fri to go. Monday went surprising well so crossed fingers for W & F
Lunches taken to work - 0
     I am horrible at this... need inspiration!

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