Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Adventures

My nephew's High School football team played in the state semi finals at the Metrodome this weekend - thanks to the Northland Celiac Group, I was armed with info that I could at least eat a bunless hot dog. I also called ahead to security and confirmed that I could bring in a lunch box of foods that were safe, I just had to allow security to search the bag (I also had to identify myself as having an allergy, but I didn't have to have a Dr.'s note or anything).

Once inside I did supplement my snacks with a hot dog, which was HUGE, and thankfully the staff only handled my hot dog with tongs, so no chance of crumb covered gloves touching it. Surprising for concession stand procedure!

In other news, Mexican Village Too now has a rather extensive Gluten Free menu, and the chips the serve with their salsa and various dips are fried in a separate fryer. They also take the time to list off the items that are gluten free but are fried in a shared fryer... they appeared to have done their research! I had the seven layer dip as my entree and it was quite tasty - refried beans, white queso, cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce & black olives.

Also up this weekend (we ate out WAY too much this weekend) was Lucky 13's Pub - they also have a gluten free menu but it needs some work. They list their nachos as gluten free, but their chips are cooked in a shared fryer. I have had good luck with the bunless burgers & chicken sandwiches, but be prepared to "grill" your server. I have not ever gotten sick here, but I am also diligent about asking questions.

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