Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can you believe February is almost over??

Can anyone else believe February is almost over? Anyone who lives where it snows is doing a happy dance that winter is close to being over.

So here is some fun stuff!

Restaurant Reviews:
Cosi - has gluten free salad on the menu, not all of them are gluten free, but most of them are. I tried the Cosi Cobb with Gouda instead of Gorgonzola, the Sherry Shallot dressing is quite good. It would be really nice to see a gluten free sandwich or flatbread from here, as those menus looked TASTY as well

Baja Sol - offers gluten free tacos, enchiladas, burrito bols, and salads. The tacos normally come on flour tortillas, but corn ones are available for a swap out. I haven't tried the burrito bols or salads, but the baja style tacos & chicken enchiladas are pretty good. They also have gluten free chips and cheese dip, as well as a free salsa bar. A good lunch spot.

New Recipe:
Lazy Omelet -  One of my husband's favorites, I'm not sure this qualifies as a recipe but it gets made often enough in our house that it should be mentioned.

1/2 cup diced ham (Hormel makes GF pre-packaged 98% FF)
2-3 eggs, whipped, depends on your egg preference
fresh mushrooms, diced, as much as you want
shredded cheese, C loves swiss

In a non-stick skillet, start sauteing ham and mushrooms. I usually do not use any oil because the ham has enough to keep everything from sticking. Once the mushrooms have reduced and started to brown, add the eggs. Scramble everything together until the eggs are done. Top with cheese and serve.

More Whole Foods Fun: I GOT TO TAKE A KNIFE SKILLS CLASS... not sure if you can feel my excitement radiating out from the computer screen, but this might top the list as far as classes go so far. The Chef was very informative, the class size was small enough we got individual attention when needed, the food we made was delish. I have been super impressed with their line of classes, esp. for the price.

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